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ITI Jewelry does not support, condone, or tolerate Spam and strictly enforces the terms of its Usage Agreement. ITI Jewelry's Usage Agreement prohibits the use of the accounts to send unsolicited bulk e-mail. It is ITI Jewelry's policy to terminate any accounts used in this way.

Contents of Messages: ITI Jewelry does not, and cannot, monitor, censor or edit the contents of Users' e-mail messages. Users alone are responsible for the contents of their messages, and the consequences of any such messages. User agrees that it will not use ITI Jewelry for chain letters, junk mail, "spamming", solicitations (commercial or non-commercial) or any use of distribution lists to any person who has not given specific permission to be included in such a process. User further agrees not to use ITI Jewelry to send any messages or material that are unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material of any kind or nature or that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation. ITI Jewelry reserves the right to terminate any User's account if it becomes aware and determines, in its sole discretion, that such User is violating any of the foregoing guidelines. It is ITI Jewelry policy to respect the privacy of its Users.

Spam is the unsolicited transmission of bulk e-mail and/or the posting of off-topic messages to Usenet newsgroups or other Internet lists, instant messaging systems and chat rooms. While ITI Jewelry encourages members to share our program with others, the company does not condone any form of spamming. This includes:

Unsolicited E-mail: An e-mail message sent to anyone with whom you do not have a personal or professional relationship, or who has not specifically requested information, is considered spamming.

Newsgroups/Message Boards/Bulletin Boards: ITI Jewelry's anti-spamming policy expressly forbids posting to sites not related to business opportunities, and where information about our program is banned either by description or name. Misleading messages sent or posted to potential referrals are considered spamming. So are messages or posts unrelated to discussion topics from members

Chat Room Solicitations: Any and all solicitations posted in chat rooms or through instant messaging services are defined as spam.

Opt-In Lists: ITI Jewelry does not condone the use of Opt-In Lists. This is for your protection. The addresses on such lists are often outdated, or may have been compiled without permission. If ITI Jewelry learns a member has used an Opt-In List, that member will be terminated.

Non-Internet Spam: The distribution of printed materials on private property or where otherwise prohibited goes against ITI Jewelry's anti-spamming policy.

6. Safeguard: Before posting any ITI Jewelry material to a site or newsgroup, check its Terms of Service or FAQ's for specific rules. If you are not sure if these rules allow you to share the PT message, check with: spam@ITIJewelry.com before posting any information about our program.


Upon verification, delete the e-mail account that is associated with spam.

Add e-mail address to spam database (list available for public viewing)

Respond to the complaint.

PT will terminate your membership if you SPAM and make you ineligible for any new membership.

Employ the following mechanisms to fight spam:

Install an SMTP server, which prevents hackers from using our service to relay spam messages to people.

Have an outgoing address limit to prevent spammers from using our service to send messages out to users. Limit addresses to 25 per message and 100 addresses per day. Once this sender reaches the address limit, s/he receives an error message.

Have an Address Blocking feature that allows users the ability to prevent unwanted e-mails by controlling who can and cannot send the user e-mails. The user can choose to receive mail from addresses in their Address Book and from addresses to whom they have sent mail or the user can choose to block specified addresses.

Have a list of known spammers that the user can opt to have blocked. This option is part of our Address Blocking feature.

Users can send feedback informing PT of known spammers which we will add to our list. If a person is reported as a spammer, we block their account automatically. Actual deletion happens after 30 days to guard against an erroneous deletion.

Spam is a critical issue impacting the entire Internet and not just ITI Jewelry and their partners. The header information has been forged on most of the spam you see with ITI Jewelry. The messages usually do not originate from our mail service or pass through it. In addition, ITI Jewelry is not involved but are victims of the spammer. ITI Jewelry takes an aggressive approach in combating spammers. In addition, ITI Jewelry provides its users with controls to block spammers. ITI Jewelry is constantly looking to improve our anti-spamming services. Spammers may be subjected to state and federal penalties and other legal consequences under applicable law if they violate our anti-SPAM Policy. That is the bottom line; SPAM cannot and will not be tolerated. If you know of someone who has violated our Anti-SPAM Policy, please contact us at spam@ITI Jewelry.com. Please include a copy of the SPAM message and a brief explanation. Spam complaints that do not contain a copy of the SPAM message received, or complaints that simply state "Remove us from your lists" will be returned with requests for a copy of the e-mail about which the complaint is being raised. This is not meant to be rude or difficult. ITI Jewelry needs this information to pursue your complaint, and cannot do so without it. Please help us end Internet spam.


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